Study trip for acquiring knowledge of the representatives from municipalities in the South-East planning region in Greece

Within the framework of the project “Improving of road network for development of rural cross border area” – AGRAS , financed by the Greece – The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA Cross-Border Programme 2007-2013 in the period from 4th to 6th December was held a study trip to Greece.
Representatives from all ten municipalities in the South-East planning region had the opportunity closely acquainted with the technical practices and the requirements of the European Union for the construction and management of road infrastructure during a visit to Greece. Participants with the project team and expert engineers on December 5th made a field visit on the spot in Agras which envisages the construction of a road from the city of Edessa to Florina prefecture borders. The on-spot, experts demonstrated how will be constructed tunnels and bridges, which parts of the area by road will be connected etc.
Further on 6th December representatives from municipalities and project team visited the designer offices “CHOROS” Ltd and “GEOGNOSI” S.A in Thessaloniki who work on a part of the technical study of the way of Edessa to Florina. There had occasion to review the draft version of the technical study for the road, to discuss in detail the many issues associated with the preparation of project documentation for roads and environmental protection. The prepared version of the technical documentation was presented and demonstrated on a map with details of the intended construction of the road.
In the designer’s office “GEOGNOSI” S.A the study trip participants had the opportunity to visit the laboratory where they perform Geotechnical and Geomechanical studies and analysis of soil that are essential before the construction phase of a road.
The study trip was conducted according to the intended agenda. The participants were satisfied with the visit of the Region of Central Macedonia, the expertise and professionalism of the experts of the way they shared some of their knowledge and experience.

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