Successfully completed public debates in the municipalities of the South-East Planning Region

The Centre for development of the South-East planning region within the framework of the project “Improving of road network for development of rural cross border area” – AGRAS , financed by the Greece – The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA Cross-Border Programme 2007-2013 successfully implement the predicted activity “Organization of public debates in all 10 municipalities in the South-East planning region”
The debates started on 28.11.2013, and lasted until 11.12.2013.
The topic of discussion was prepared analysis of existing road infrastructure in the South-East planning region. The debate was attended by interested citizens from different areas (urban planners, builders, business sector, experts, citizens, etc.).
The project team presents the project and further debates were led by experts that together with the invited parties discussed and analyzed the data obtained from the existing road infrastructure in the South-East planning region. The debates took place in a positive direction in terms of expression of citizens with their views and observations and they had occasion except verbally to declare in writing.
The received opinions and views of citizens along with analysis of road infrastructure will be used in the preparation of the strategic document Opportunity Study that will be distributed to all municipalities and ministries of the region and in the future it will serve to improve the road infrastructure in the South-East planning region.

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